Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring 2013 Florida Trip

We are back from our spring Florida trip, which this year was longer than usual because we weren't bound to any school schedules!  It was a great,
relaxing time!  I have taken so many pictures of the ocean and the general scenery, so this year I took some pictures of wildlife, my dogs, and odd random things, such as birds on the beach and birds in the water.

My dogs loved the beach and the ocean.  Look how happy they are!

Here are some colorful beach cottages and a cute mailbox sign.

An osprey nest . . .

Beach umbrellas all set up for the day . . .

A pretty flower . . .

Beach wood . . .

And random items on the beach . . .

A bee in the sand
 A lone shell
A rose petal

An abandoned tote

It was a lovely vacation, but it's always good to get back home!  I have a lot of photo shoots coming up, so I will be posting some things from them soon.  

Also, if you are planning to get your pictures taken, check out the General Info and Tips tab on my website, and if you want to be a Senior Model, fill out the online application that is on my website.

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