Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013-14 Senior Models

I like to use Senior Models to help me advertise my photography business.  Each spring, juniors have a chance to apply to be a model during their senior year.  I choose 4 or 5 per school, and take some group and individual pictures of them during the summer.  Then they each get a phone app and some other special ways to show off their pictures.  

As a Senior Model, they get some freebies and special deals up front, and for each person they refer who makes an appointment with me, they get referral credits which they can apply to their product order.  The people they refer also get some special deals, so it's a win-win situation for everyone.  

I choose people who are friendly and outgoing, who are involved in a lot of various activities, who get along with a wide variety of people, and who are willing to show off their pictures and try to earn referral credits.  This modeling is not about "looking" like a model; it's about personality and motivation!

This year I have 6 models from East Noble, one of whom has not been photographed yet.  These girls are tons of fun to work with, as you can probably tell from the pictures.  They like to be spontaneous and a little bit crazy!

These girls have many other qualities that make them good models too.  They are comfortable enough with themselves that they can be comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  They have self-confidence and a little sass, but they are also down-to-earth and unassuming.

I will be working with these models all year long, so there will be more blogs about them, as well as about the other people they refer.  

In addition to the enjoyment I get from working with my models, I really appreciate the efforts they make to help me advertise my business.  If you know any of these girls, ask to see their phone app or the other ad cards they might have.

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