Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Fun Family Shoot

We had this session set up for the week before Christmas.  About a week before the session, we had several inches of snow and were really excited to do snow pictures in the woods.  One of the families lives in Georgia, so they don't see much snow and were really looking forward to it!

Then a couple of days before the session, it got warmer and rained, and all the snow disappeared!  So the day we did it, the ground was soft and muddy instead of snowy!  

However, the family was super about trekking through the mud and leaves and getting a little dirty.  And the result - a ton of great family shots.  

Here are some shots of the entire family and individual families within the larger group.

The next grouping includes a couple of family shots and some shots of just the kids.

And finally, a grouping of one family's kids and their cousins.

Even though the day was cold and blustery and it was spitting sleet before we were done, this family was a ton of fun to work with.  The woods was actually gorgeous - it almost looked more like fall than winter with all the leaves on the ground.  That made it more colorful than if we would have had snow.  

We also did a few shots inside, giving everyone a chance to warm up a little before we went outside again.  Hats off to this fantastic family - they absolutely rocked this photo shoot!

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