Friday, May 9, 2014

Looking Good for My Senior Photo Session

When deciding what to wear, you should always consider where your photos will be taken.
If the background is going to be plain, such as studio shots, up against a fairly plain wall, or against any kind of background which will mostly be a solid color, you can wear prints, stripes, polka dots, and bright colors.
If the background is going to be busy, such as many nature shots with trees, bushes, and flowers, you should wear something that is NOT busy. Solid bright colors are good. Wear colors that will contrast with your background, not blend in. If you are going to be in a grassy field, you should not wear a green dress or shirt. If you are going to be in the middle of a bunch of flowers, you should not wear a flowered dress or shirt.

Wear clothes that are flattering to you and that make you feel good. Skirts shouldn’t be TOO short and shirts shouldn’t be TOO tight or too revealing. Wear shoes that look good with your outfit.
As much as you might like YELLOW, it is a color which is not flattering to many skin tones. So if you don’t want your skin to look sick or dull, avoid yellow. Also, shades of beige and gray are so neutral that they often blend into the background and look dull. Wear colors that bring out the color in your eyes.
For girls, choose simple jewelry. You want your jewelry to reflect your personality, but not to dominate the pictures.
Make-up should be tasteful and flattering. Don’t try to overdo it - you want your pics to look natural. AVOID GLITTER at all costs - no glittery eye shadow, blush, or lip gloss. It might look great in everyday life, but in pictures, the light reflects off the glitter in a funny way and you might end up looking like a creature from outer space. It is often hard to re-touch, and it could ruin an otherwise lovely picture.

For guys, if you need a haircut, get it at least a week before your photo session so it looks more natural.
Bring at least one outfit that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. You might be sitting or lying on the ground, in a bunch of leaves, in a tree, etc.
Think about whether you might want to mix styles and settings. Interesting photos can be created by wearing dressy clothes in a grungy setting, or creating other unexpected effects. Wearing a suit on the railroad tracks, or having your drum set in the middle of a grassy area are effects that can result in unique photos.
It is okay to bring a variety of outfits and change clothes as many times as you want. Just remember that each change takes time, and the more you change, the fewer pictures you will get in your session. It is helpful to bring someone along (mom or friend) who will carry the clothes and help you change.
Have fun choosing your outfits and the special looks that you want to create. Use your imagination!!

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