Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Senior at the Lake

It's really cool when people have these great places for photo shoots without ever leaving their own yards!  Some of this lovely senior's photos were taken at their lake cottage, on a couple of different docks, with a variety of interesting boats.  Some were also taken at a local historical site with beautiful gardens.

This gal lives out of state, but I'm so glad she was here for a few days this summer so we could capture her senior photos!

And a few other individual shots:

This was a very casual session (I guess most of mine are, though) and we had a lot of fun!  When you have a pretty girl and some pretty settings, how can you go wrong??!!!

(For any of you who might recognize this girl, I think she looks a lot like her Aunt Janet did when she was about this age.  Anyone agree??)

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