Monday, May 18, 2015

Donations to the Animal Shelter

This past week, the Student Council of South Side Elementary sponsored a drive/contest to collect items for the Humane Society of Noble County. Today was delivery day, and they delivered an unbelievable number of items, including food, toys, beds, blankets, laundry detergent, crates, scratching posts, newspapers, and many other items to benefit the animals at the shelter.

This first picture shows three of the Student Council girls trying to carry a big, heavy box of newspapers. 

The second one is a picture of the council members and sponsors, along with many of the items that they donated. The kids also got to tour the shelter and play with some of the animals.

The winning class was a kindergarten class, and they will also get to visit the shelter and play with the animals.

Donations to the shelter are always welcome, so if you can't adopt an animal, consider making a donation to help with their care! And a big THANK YOU to the South Side Elementary Student Council. You guys rock!!

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