Saturday, September 19, 2015

Three Young Adult Cats

Here are three younger adult cats who are waiting to be adopted from the Humane Society of Noble County. They have all been wormed and have had their shots and flea prevention. 
A couple of them have some additional things that you can read about in the descriptions beside each picture. Then come visit them at the shelter and take one home for only $35!

This is Baby Girl, an all-white female with big green eyes!

In this picture you can see that she really is all white. She doesn't have a colored spot on her anywhere!

Here is Baby Girl's beautiful profile! She is approximate a year old and has been at the shelter for about a week. She is curious and friendly, and would make a great pet!

Here Baby Girl is checking out some things on the floor and talking to a cat in one of the cages. Her silky white fur is absolutely gorgeous!

This is Meesha, an all gray female who is approximately 1-2 years old.

In addition to the routine procedures that the shelter does for all cats, Meesha has also been spayed and she has a microchip! So for $35, you would be getting a real bargain in addition to a wonderful pet!

Meesha was curious about several items on the floor and decided to check them out. In addition to exploring, she loves to be held and petted!

This is Milo, a medium-haired white, brown, and black male. He is about a year old and has been at the shelter for a couple of weeks.

In this picture, you can see Milo's brown and black tabby stripes and his fluffy tail.

In addition to the services that the shelter provides for all cats, Milo has been neutered, is front-declawed, and has a microchip. Wherever he was before, he was very well cared for!

Milo is a very friendly, loving guy and would love to go home with you. If you are interested in him, be sure to mention his number, which is #760, because there are 2 cats names Milo at the shelter.

In addition to these cats, there are many, many other wonderful animals at the Humane Society of Noble County, and more keep coming all the time.  Please come visit them and choose one who could have his forever home with you!

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