Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two Older Kittens and Three Little Kittens

Finally, some of the kittens at the Humane Society of Noble County are growing up and are big enough to have their pictures taken and be adopted. Today I will feature two cats who are almost a year old and have recently come to the shelter, as well as three kittens who look a lot alike. All of these cats are up-to-date on shots, worming, and flea prevention.

This handsome boy is Sully. He is about 8-10 months old and has only been at the shelter for a couple of weeks.

Sully is a dark gray and black tabby. This picture shows his stripes and his big green eyes!

Sully is a curious boy. Here he is thinking about jumping to the top of a cage. He is very calm and loving, and would make a wonderful pet!

This boy is Tinsel, a black and gray tabby with a long tail who is 10-12 months old.

Tinsel has been at the shelter for only a couple of weeks.

He is checking looking to see if anyone is in the hole! Tinsel is curious, calm and very loving! This boy would love to be your companion!

Now for the look-alike kittens. This one is Bonzai, a black and tan tabby. I had to wake him up to take his pictures, and this picture shows that he wasn't completely awake yet!

After waking up, Bonzai wanted to explore. He is about 10-12 weeks old and is very curious.

Here Bonzai is trying to play with a cat in one of the cages.

Now he is looking under a cage to try to find a small toy that he pushed under there. Come visit this playful boy - he is lots of fun!

This is Cisco, another black and tan tabby who is 4-5 months old.

This shows you Cisco's stripes and the M on his forehead.

Cisco stopped in the middle of what he was doing to take care of an itch!

Cisco is wishing that some of the other kittens could come out to play with him! He has been at the shelter for a couple of weeks, and would love to have a new home with you!

And finally, this is Mickey. He is also a gray and brown tabby, but he is much lighter than Bonzai and Cisco, and he has 4 white feet and a white throat.

In this picture, Mickey was playing hide-and-seek behind the camera bag.

Mickey is such a cutie, but I couldn't get him to look directly at the camera.

Mickey is 3-4 months old and has been at the shelter for about a month. Here is is climbing up on one of the cat caves. This little lover would love for you to visit hm and consider giving him a forever home!

Please come to the Humane Society of Noble County to visit all of the wonderful animals there who are waiting for their forever homes.  One of them could soon be yours!

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