Monday, August 19, 2013

Senior Model Individual Sessions

I have finally done individual sessions with a couple of my Senior Models, and I will be doing a couple more models soon.  These girls are so enthusiastic, and many of them want to have sessions throughout the year in different seasons, so they might be featured on here a lot.

First up is Shawna.  Her session was done at a local historical site that has beautiful gardens, woods, a lake, and historic buildings. For her summer session, she wanted to concentrate on the flowers.  Check out her gorgeous hair!!

Next up is Ashley, who happened to want her summer session at the same location.  I never want one person's pictures to look exactly like someone else's, so I tried to mix it up a little bit.  Like Shawna, Ashley has absolutely gorgeous hair!  

And finally, we have Lily, who is not quite old enough to be a senior model, but she is Ashley's little sis, and she was along for the session, so I decided she was just too cute to resist getting some shots of.  She is 4, but she informed me that she is almost 5.  So look for her to be a senior model in about 12 years!  She already knows how to pose!  I told her where to stand or sit, but I never once gave her any posing tips - she threw the poses like a natural.  Maybe she's been watching Ashley!  Isn't she adorable?!!

Look for sessions on a couple other senior models soon.