Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Dogs and the Snow

I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas things that I haven't taken the time to post recently.  Today I did manage to get a few shots of my dogs in the snow, however.  

Being golden retrievers, they absolutely love the snow!  Some days (like today, when it's cold and very windy), I think they would stay outside until they froze to death.

Wrigley has been going crazy today because he thinks (and he is probably right) that there are some bunnies or some other little critters taking shelter from the snow and wind under our deck.  He has spent hours out there trying to figure out how he can get to them.  Here he is in action . . .

Malibu has taken less interest in what's under the deck.  She runs around in the snow and picks out a spot out by the pool or on the deck to just lie down and enjoy the cold snow.  

Usually when I want them to come in, she just sits and looks at me like "What, are you nuts?  I love it out here."  Today I think she was actually wishing the snow was a little deeper - we only have a couple of inches.  She would be happy with about 6-8 inches!

I'm sure that before the winter is over, she will probably get her wish.  After all, this is Indiana!!