Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another EN Senior

We did Michael's pictures on what was probably the coldest day of fall so far.  It was gloomy and windy most of the day.  You can see how windy it was by how the golf flag is sticking straight out!  Then right when his session was supposed to start, the sun came out a little bit. It was still cold and windy, but at least it was brighter.  At any rate, the golf course always provides some great backgrounds!

Part way through the session, there was a huge, dark cloud in the west.  His mom wondered if we would beat the rain, and I was thinking that it could be snow!  But it was rain, and we DID beat it - just by a minute or two.  By the time we got off the golf course and back to Michael's house, it was raining!  Talk about luck!!

Michael is EN's #1 men's golfer, and is headed to Michigan State next fall to play golf there.  He follows his sister Katie, who was EN's #1 women's golfer, and is now at MSU.  You will notice some Spartan clothes in a couple of the pictures!

The Giengers

I have known this family forever.  At the risk of really dating myself, I will admit that back in my teaching days, I taught the parents when they were in high school.  Then many years later, I taught both of the kids.

Kory was in my son's class, and they have been good friends for a long time.  Kory has spent many hours at our house over the years, and even though they are about to graduate from college, they still hang out over the summer and when they are both home.

I also took both Kory and Marissa's senior pictures, and one of the chocolate labs was in those pictures too. Sometimes it's hard to get animals to look directly at the camera, but these dogs were pretty photogenic!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ana's "age 3" pics

I have been taking pictures of Ana since she was born, and she has changed so much in three years!  Here are some pictures I took of her recently after her third birthday.  I will also have to post some that show her from birth to now!

These are her silly pictures - she is developing a really cute personality!

These are her "pretty" pictures.  She was a very good model on the day we did her session!

Another Senior Session

Here are a few pictures of EN senior Jessica - another senior girl with absolutely gorgeous hair!  I don't think any of these pics show off her eyelashes much, but they were to die for too!  More pictures coming of her soon. . .

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Emma & Jackson

I recently had a session with these two kiddos on their school grounds at Oak Farm.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon, and we got some nice color in the pictures.  I have worked with these kids for several years, and I always look forward to it because they are so much fun!  They love nature, and they love to climb, jump, and be crazy.  They also get along exceptionally well for siblings - at least they do when I'm photographing them!  I will post more pics of them soon.