Monday, August 17, 2015

Misty, Starsky and Hutch, and Latte

Here are three more kittens and one adult cat who are available for adoption at the Humane Society of Noble County. They are all up-to-date on shots, worming, and flea prevention. They will also be FIV-tested and receive a microchip before they leave the shelter.

This little girl is Misty. She is all gray, and is 8-9 weeks old. She has been at the shelter since August 4.

Here Misty is exploring. She decided to check out the little notebook that was on the floor.

This picture shows how little Misty is compared to the person's hand. Isn't she a sweetie?!!

This is Starsky. a little long-haired black and white male. Here again, you can tell he is very small. He is 8-9 weeks old and has also been at the shelter since August 4.

Starsky is a little goofball. I'm not sure what he was looking at here, but he's undoubtedly up to something!

Here Starsky is playing with a pen that was left on the floor. He's trying to pick it up.

And here he is playing with nail clippers. He is proof that a cat will play with almost anything!

This is, of course, Hutch, Starsky's brother. (You older people will get it!) He is black, with a few white hairs here and there. He is also 8-9 weeks old and has been at the shelter since August 4.

Like some of the other tiny kittens, Hutch's body size needs to catch up with his head!

Here Hutch is making friends with one of the older kittens in a cage.

Hutch liked the little ball with a bell and feathers.

This gorgeous girl is Latte. She is black with brown undertones. She is 1-2 years old, and is a small cat.

Look at Latte's beautiful eyes!

Here Latte is checking out some other cats. This picture shows her brown undertones. She has been at the shelter since August 4.

All of these cats and many others are waiting for their forever homes. Won't you come visit them at the Humane Society of Noble County?  Any one of them could be yours for only $35!

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