Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ozzy & Zane

Ozzy and Zane are brothers who were born at the Humane Society of Noble County in mid-March, so they are almost 10 months old. They have changed a lot since their kitten pictures, so here they are again. They are both up-to-date on vaccinations and are FIV-negative. 

Ozzy is orange and tan with a lot of white, including his face, chest, tummy, and paws. His orange parts have tabby stripes and he has beautiful gold eyes! He is playful and loving - likes to be petted and cuddled!

Zane is an orange and tan tabby with a little white around his nose, on his chest, and on his paws. He also has beautiful gold eyes. Like Ozzy, he is playful and curious, but also very loving! 

Come visit these two and many other cats and dogs at the shelter and give some animal its forever home!

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