Sunday, June 28, 2015

More Kittens Galore

Recently there have been several litters of kittens born at the Humane Society of Noble County. Rather than posting each kitten individually, I decided it would be easier to make some general comments about all of the kitten, and then post individual pictures.
All of these kittens are roughly 2-3 months old. They have all had shots and been wormed. Some have not had flea prevention yet, but before they leave the shelter they will have flea prevention, FIV testing, and they will receive a microchip. And until the end of June - all this for only $15!
All of these kittens are outrageously cute! They are goofy and silly in ways that only a kitten can be. They love to play - with each other, with toys, and with people. They are affectionate and crave human attention.
As you scroll through the pictures, read the descriptions of each cat beside the picture. Come visit them at the Humane Society of Noble County! I will be posting more pictures daily until I have posted them all.

This is Dominic, a white male with some gray spots.

In this picture, Dominic is peeking around the corner to see the kittens in this cage.

This next kitty is Duncan, a little buff-colored male.

Here Duncan sees something that he is getting ready to pounce on.

This is McKenzie, a little female tortoise shell kitten.  In this picture she looks mad, but she is actually quite a sweetie!

This is Mara, a little black and tan female tabby.

Mara played so hard that she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer!

This is Naya, an orange and tan kitten with longish hair.

Naya is waiting to come out of her cage to play.

Please come visit these kittens and many more kittens and adult cats at the Humane Society of Noble 
County.  They are waiting for their forever homes!

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