Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Diva, Gidget, and London

Here are three adult cats that are available for adoption at the Humane Society of Noble County. They are all between 1 and 3 years old. All three have had shots, flea prevention and worming. London and Gidget have been FI-tested and are negative. Diva has not been tested yet.

This is Diva. She is white with black and tan tabby markings and a little bobtail.

She has the tabby M on her forehead and beautiful green eyes.

Diva is often very silly. For some reason, she likes to rest in the very small space between her litter box and the side of her cage, rather than in her nice gold bed, lower right. She is a friendly, cat with a fitting name!

This is Gidget, a beautiful, colorful calico female.

Gidget was looking at a toy which was being held up high. Doesn't she have a pretty profile?!!

Gidget's eyes are almost gold to match her coloring. She loves attention and would make a wonderful pet!

This pretty girl is London, who would not come out of her cage the day I wanted to take her picture. She is too comfortable in her soft, furry bed. Look at her beautiful coloring - an interesting mixture of orange, black and gray.

Here's a close-up of London. Look at those big eyes!

Please come to the Humane Society of Noble County to visit the many wonderful animals that are waiting for their forever homes.  You will find one that you love!!

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