Monday, July 13, 2015

The Other Two Sisters

Last week I photographed 4 more unbelievably cute kittens at the Humane Society of Noble County. They are all sisters, and have only been at the shelter for about a week. They are approximately 2-3 months old. They have all had their shots and flea prevention and have been wormed.
I have several pictures of all these kittens, so I will post 2 kittens at a time. Yesterday I featured Kaila and Tisha, and today I will feature Lana and Mitzi.

This little sweetheart is Lana. She is a long-haired black kitten with white chest and white on the tips of her paws.

Lana was just waking up when I got her out of her cage to take her pictures, so she had to have a big stretch!

Look at her long white whiskers and gorgeous green eyes!

Once Lana woke up, she was quite playful, and she loves to be held and petted!

This is Mitzi, a long-haired kitten with Siamese coloring and blue eyes!

She was just waking up too, and I caught her in the middle of a huge yawn!

Mitzi was interested in this toy, and is carefully watching it go back and forth.

She was very photogenic and almost seemed to be posing!

Mitzi has beautiful coloring and eyes!

She is playful too, and loves human attention. Here she is watching that toy again.

These kittens and many other kittens, cats, and dogs, are available for adoption from the Humane Society of Noble County.  Come visit them and play with them.  You will want to take one home!!

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