Sunday, July 12, 2015

More Little Cuties

Last week I photographed 4 more unbelievably cute kittens at the Humane Society of Noble County. They are all sisters, and have only been at the shelter for about a week. They are approximately 2-3 months old. They have all had their shots and flea prevention and have been wormed.
I have several pictures of all these kittens, so I will post 2 kittens at a time. This post will feature Kaila and Tisha.  Tisha is on the left, and Kaila is on the right.

Tisha is a long-haired dark gray kitten with a white chest, white on her feet, and a few other white patches here and there, including a very light white streak going right up her nose.

Tisha is very sweet, and loves to be held and cuddled.

Tisha is also silly and playful.  In this picture, she was getting ready to join her sisters and play with some toys.

This is Kaila. She is a little lighter gray with a white chest, white feet, and a more prominent white streak on her nose. She is between short-haired and long-haired.

Here Kaila is getting ready to pounce on one of her sisters.

Kaila loved the toy at the top of the picture, and she spend a long time trying to catch it.

She finally got it!!

Please come to the  Humane Society of Noble County to visit these sweet kittens and all the other fantastic animals that are waiting for their forever homes.

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